The First Webinar has been launched

We are glad to announce our webinar series via has been launched: The first webinar in a serious of circa 2-monthly events took place on September 13th 2017. Prof. Dr. Reimund Schwarze, Head of Climate Economics at UFZ Leipzig, and Peter B. Meyer, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Urban Policy and Economics, spoke about Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Financing. This is a very topical theme as the public sector tends to focus on immediate needs, rather than longer-term investment. But resilient infrastructure investments can both mitigate climate risks and improve adaptive capacity. Existing tools for raising funds have been discussed in various World Bank Group studies but the special opportunities that the logic and process of the Paris Agreement provide are new and considerable.

We hope everybody had a chance to take part and to ask their questions. If you were unable to attend this webinar and want more details about what was discussed, don’t worry – a webinar video is available on


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