Webinar July 1st 2019: Smart Cities - Beyond Technology

Webinar on July 1 at 14:00 GMT (16:00 Berlin | 10:00 am Washington, D.C.)

John Motloch & Scott Truex
John Motloch & Scott Truex

Join our next webinar which seeks to expand the Smart Cities conversation from its current focus on smart technologies and IoT to cities as Smart socio-ecological systems that continuously increase their performance, interconnected behaviors, biocapacity, resilience, regeneration and ability to thrive.

The webinar grounds the discussion in an appreciation of complex systems, current and accelerating changes that place communities at-risk, and challenges that Smart Cities must address. 

It reviews Sustainable Communities Institute (SCI) proposals for Living-in-SystemsTM, building local networks; planning communities as integrated energy-water-food systems, facilitating local food systems as community change catalysts, introducing the Urban FARMacy as neighborhood change trigger, and designing Sustainable Living and Growing CentersTM as production-education-research-demonstration centers for learning-by-doing how to Live within SystemsTM.

Join this webinar to learn how about the SCI concepts and proposals what our experts contribute to more sustainable, resilient and smart cities.

Your distinguished speakers include:

  • John Motloch, PhD ASLA AIA LEED Education, Sustainability & Transformation Consultant Professor Emeritus, Ball State University

  • Scott Truex, Associate Professor in the Department of Urban Planning in the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) at Ball State University


  • Stephan Bartke, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ and German Environment Agency.

How to join:

At the time of the meeting, follow this link:

Download: hardware_software_requirements.pdf

How to join:

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