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News & Events is coming (back) to D.C. - Join us in July 17-20!

We are coming back to Washington, D.C. - July 17-20!

As part of and in continuation of the U.S. - German bilateral collaboration on making municipalities more sustainable, we are organizing different events and workshops in D.C.

Meetings include

  • field trips at Long Birdge Park
  • workshop at The US Green Building Council
  • strategic event and discussions at the German Embassy
  • exchange on research frontlines at Resources for the Future

... all oriented at facilitating new German - U.S. collaboration.

You can find first details in a tentative agenda here:

Read more … Summer School in Bochum on Structural Change and Brownfield Recycling

Vom 21.5. bis zum 25.5. fand in Bochum und dem Ruhrgebiet die im Rahmen des Netzwerkes (Research in Germany, City of tomorrow) unterstützte Summer School zum Thema : Structural Change and Brownfield Recycling in Germany. statt. Geleitet wurde die Summer School von Prof. Sabine Martin, Kansas State University, und Prof. Dr. Rolf Heyer. Beiträge kamen von Dr. Stephan Bartke, Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig, Detlef Grimski vom Umweltbundesamt, von Prof. Reimund Schwarze, Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig, und Heike Brauckhoff von der Bochumer Veranstaltungs GmbH. Neben zwei Vortrags- und Diskussionstagen, standen am 23.5. die Exkursion zu Bochumer Beispielen des Strukturwandels (siehe Foto von der Exkursion auf Mark 51°7) und am 25.5. der Besuch auf Phoenix, in Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck, auf Zollverein und im Landschaftspark Duisburg im Mittelpunkt. Die Teilnehmer kamen aus den USA, Mexiko, Brasilien, Polen, der Türkei, Ecuador, dem Iran und Deutschland.


The Summer School on "Structural Change and Brownfield Rcycling in Germany" has brought together students and professionals from the US and Germany in Bochum. Bochum is in the heart of the Ruhr-Area - a region characterized by dramatic structural change and industrial heritage.

The summer school links presentations - that are also live streamed to the web - and excursions to the remarkable places of brownfield revitalisation in the area, including the Jahrhunderthalle and former car production of Opel and mobile phone production of Nokia to Zeche Zollverein.

See Summer School Details for the agenda and links to the livestreams.

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