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News & Events Webinar July 1st 2019: Smart Cities - Beyond Technology

Safe the Date for our next webinar which seeks to expand the Smart Cities conversation from its current focus on smart technologies and IoT to cities as Smart socio-ecological systems that continuously increase their performance, interconnected behaviors, biocapacity, resilience, regeneration and ability to thrive. Our speakers are Professors John Motloch and Scott Truex.

Read more … Webinar 6/6/2019: Redevelopment Assistance to Brownfields Communities in the US and Germany

Brownfields are an issue both in the US and in Germany. During this webinar, speakers provide an overview of available and free redevelopment assistance to communities dealing with brownfield issues in both countries.
Particularly for the U.S., Dr. Sabine Martin, president of CTOR Solutions, and Johanna Roth, Center for Creative Land Recycling - CCLR, introduce the national Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities (TAB) program assistance to support brownfield redevelopment. For Germany, Dr. Roland Arnz, AAV Association for Land Recycling and Remediation, introduces how AAV supports brownfield recycling in the State of North-Rhine-Westphalia.

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8. Webinar: Assessing Transatlantic Exchange on Urban Revitalization - What works, what doesn’t? – Shaping Future Programming

The regeneration of older industrial cities remains a challenge for U.S. and European countries. Although the legal, policy, political and community contexts are different, researcher and policymakers in European and US cities have long compared approaches to urban regeneration with an eye toward replicating successful programs and policies. Join this workshop for an interactive discussion on experiences and perspectives on (1) successful trans-Atlantic peer learning experiences; and (2) concrete outcomes, including changes in program or policy, that have resulted from peer learning activities.

Tamar Shapiro (non-resident fellow Urban Institute, former President and CEO of Center for Community Progress) presented her assessment and discussed it in a webinar on February 7th.

The recording is available at our Webinare page.

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