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    • creating a repository of funding options to support bilateral projects and Exchange.

News & Events

INSPIRATION follow-up: Workshop Partnering for Sustainable Land Recycling

New impulses for German-American cooperation will be gathered from the upcoming INSPIRATION / Event “Partnering for Sustainable Land Management”. The event will be held in the City of Erfurt on the 18th of December, 2019.

The INSPIRATION coordination and support action has recently released a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Europe ( The SRA is based on research and innovation needs for land and soil management identified by over 500 stakeholders from across Europe. It looks to meet the challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation, increasing demands on non-renewable natural resources as well as environmental justice, meanwhile also providing for societal demands for food, drinking water, energy production, shelter and infrastructure. The workshop will explore the outreach of SRA research items across the pond and identify future perspectives for cooperation under the umbrella of ( is a platform for professionals from the US and Germany that facilitates networking and developing ideas about the “Zukunftsstadt – Future City”. The network enables the exchange of thoughts as well as the access to expert knowledge and markets in Germany and the USA. Members will be motivated to provide solutions for sustainable land management and better living in the city of tomorrow.

 For more information, please see the attached agenda for the planned event.

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Safe the Date for our next webinar which seeks to expand the Smart Cities conversation from its current focus on smart technologies and IoT to cities as Smart socio-ecological systems that continuously increase their performance, interconnected behaviors, biocapacity, resilience, regeneration and ability to thrive. Our speakers are Professors John Motloch and Scott Truex.

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